• Legion news!

    Here's a short summary of Legion news in our forums:

    - Teire is starting up a Class Help Desk! In his words, "This is for people who want to take that extra step in terms of understanding game mechanics and class specifics." You can check out more details on the thread. http://www.thesleepless.info/forums/...lass-Help-Desk

    - For the quest 'Trial by Fel Fire', crafters are welcome to post in the related thread what items they can make. http://www.thesleepless.info/forums/...-Trail-by-Fire

    - If you're interested in raiding and have not yet posted there (and/or talked to Caitta and/or myself), check out the following thread: http://www.thesleepless.info/forums/...classes-specs!

    - Emerald Nightmare written raid guides are up! I've copied the short summary section from Wowhead's guides, complete with some images (keep in mind our forums are somewhat limited when it comes to formatting, length of text, and quantity of images). You can find the guides with much better formatting (and much more extensive explanations) on Wowhead (links are provided at the very top of each respective thread). Videos will be posted soon™.
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